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Players from all 10 clubs in the Croatian Football League as well as players from the Football Club Parag, which features members of the Roma national minority, appear in three HNS promotional videos.

The campaign is the result of a joint thematic session of the Professional Football Commission and the CFF Security Commission held at the beginning of October, which was attended by representatives from every SuperSport CFL club and in which the Croatian Football Federation warned of an increase in the number of unacceptable and discriminatory messages as well as hate speech in the stands. The Association made the decision to use the money collected from clubs fined for using racism and other forms of discrimination to sponsor projects that seek to deter unacceptable behavior.


“The fact that all clubs worked so well together with the Federation on this project makes me happy and is the best evidence yet that the football community as a whole believes that racism as well as other forms of discrimination have no place in our stadiums. I congratulate the clubs and players who have demonstrated through their actions that racism and bigotry have no place in Croatia “Marijan Kustic, president of CFF, said.

One of the Association’s strategic goals is to break free from the confines of football and work in tandem with the scientific community. We would like to express our gratitude to the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences for its both academic and professional commitment to the creation of this population-adapted preventive video campaign. The youngest viewers are a demographic that this video is aimed specifically at, and it will have a beneficial influence on them with a focus on accepting diversity, according to Jurica Jurjevic, head of prevention, safety, and integrity.