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The Supporters’ Association “Šibenik Funcuti” was founded on April 10, 1983, a day after the famous 3rd final match of the former “SFRJ” championship between Šibenik and Bosnia. Šibenka won the game with a score of 83-82 points by Drazen Petrovic from free throws after the time expired.

There was an unprecedented celebration in the city, but the next day, by political order, a decision arrived from Belgrade to annul the match and to play a new one on neutral ground, in Novi Sad. The management and players of KK ”Šibenka” make the decision not to travel to the new match, in which they are supported by all Šibenik fans.

It is for this reason that Šibenik’s Funcuti were founded, in order to protect the interests of the city of Šibenik and Šibenik sports in an organized manner, and never to repeat the theft that is not remembered in professional sports.

Funcuti are also active on guest appearances where they follow their teams throughout Croatia. It is known that during the former state, Funcuti were one of the first fan groups in general that were visiting abroad. It was in the 80s at the final of the Korać Cup, which was played in Padova between Šibenka and Limoges. Unfortunately, Šibenka did not win the trophy, but Funcuti showed themselves in the fan sense, creating a real Dalmatian atmosphere in the middle of Italy.



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