1. Where can I purchase game tickets?
    The ticket can be purchased at Ticket Point close to the West grandstand or online at adriaticket.hr. Before each match, the club’s official website displays the box office hours.
  2. What is the amount of tickets that one can purchase?
    Upon presentation of the ticket holder’s identity document for each individual ticket, each person is permitted to purchase a maximum of 5 (five) tickets for Croatian Football League SuperSport matches. Each ticket has a unique barcode and name of the person on it.
  3. Do minors who want to attend the game need a ticket?
    Yes, regardless of age, everyone who wants to enter the stadium needs a ticket. Children under the age of 14 are admitted free.
  4. Is the entry listed on my ticket required, or are there additional entrances I can use to enter the stadium?
    Yes, only the entrance listed on the ticket is permitted for entry to the stadium. Tickets for sectors A and B enter to the right, while those for sectors C, D, and E enter to the left (closer to the main building).
  5. Can I use the same ticket to reenter the venue if I leave during halftime and go outside?
    Unfortunately, if you leave the stadium, you won’t be allowed back in with the same ticket.
  6. Can I get a refund if I purchased a ticket but was unable to attend?
    Regrettably, no. If the match is postponed or cancelled, the ticket that was purchased will be refunded.



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